Monday, November 15, 2010


I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for ages, just as a way of putting my thoughts and opinions into words.   Seeing as my life revolves around my hobby (if you could call it a hobby at all - I think addiction is a much better term) it seemed only right that the focus of these writings be about racing, National Hot Rods to be precise.
To begin with I’m a scrap man not an academic so please excuse any bad grammar, incorrect spellings and what will no doubt be a lot of pointless ramblings as I explain things from my point of view.    I’m sure this won’t be of any interest to most of you after all I’m not a world champion or a multi race winner - I’m just a young guy out there doing what I love and having an absolute blast doing it!  
I have and always will see the whole point of racing to be enjoyment.   It’s only a hobby and win or lose you have to enjoy being out there.   I enjoy the social side as much as the racing itself and have made the best friends from all walks of life and all corners of our country.   Take my best friend John for example.   He lives well over 400 miles and a six hour car journey away up near Edinburgh.  We have had some brilliant laughs and really great times that I wouldn’t change for the world.   Had it not been for our love of racing we wouldn’t know each other - and my liver would probably be a great deal healthier!   One thing I have learnt about racing folk whether they are English, Irish, Scottish or from any other country is that we all seem to enjoy the odd beer or two!   Yes I have shared hangovers with lots of the other drivers out there although some of them will never admit that they actually felt that rough!
My racing revolves around my dad, my friend Ross and myself working most nights until stupid o’clock  out in our workshop at home.   I always pride myself on having a nice car and we spend many hours checking it over and doing all the necessary repairs and changes from meeting to meeting.   Some of these repairs are often quite extensive. . . . . . . . especially after run-ins with the Hednesford  Armco!
I’m going to try and use this blog to share all my pains, joys, highs and lows, keep you informed about what I’m doing in the present and also delve into my past racing exploits with stories from behind the wheel, behind the safety fence and as I mentioned before quite often behind the pint glass!
Before I get in too deep I just want to take a paragraph and thank a few people who make my racing possible.    Firstly my parents - my dad for the countless hours he puts into the car both at home and at the track and my mum for putting up with ‘being a garage widow’, the unsociable hours we keep and for all her loyal support!   Secondly thanks to the rest of my family for  their support too;  my friend Ross for his garage hours and the laughs we have along the way;  Terry for always making sure the paint is perfect and always being willing to help at short notice and to Jay for his sign work and technical advice!    Also a very big thank you to David and Lesley Haird who listened when I arrived at their house saying I was going to buy a new car then putting up with and supporting me all the way through!   David is a truly great man and Hot Rod racing would definitely suffer without his involvement.  Thanks to a great many other people (too many to mention individually) who have encouraged and helped me and restored my faith when I have been ready to quit.   Finally thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read this whether you like what I’m saying or not!
I hope some of you at least will keep reading what I have to say - please feel free to ‘pass comment’ and tell me what you think!

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