Monday, December 6, 2010

Stickers, snow and spelling mistakes!

I learnt a valuable lesson today - I’m not cut out to be a signwriter!   Jay came across to put the stickers on a couple of our work vehicles and do the Hot Rod whilst he was at it.   I was given the role of assistant . . . and a string of disasters followed.   Firstly I managed to put a sticker on the door of the van only to find it wasn’t level.  Next I cut some Demon Tweeks stickers out wrong and ended up with a sticker that said ‘Demon Demon’ and another saying ‘Tweeks Tweeks’!    Neither of these minor brain fade incidents however came close to my next ‘faux pas’.   Jay had made a fluorescent yellow sticker advertising our new website to stick on the side skirt.   He stuck it on and we were admiring it and commenting on how nice it looked when it hit us - I had managed to give Jay the wrong  web address and the nice new sticker read “.com” and not “”  as it should have!   I’ll hold my hand up and admit that I am, as Jay’s girlfriend Sarah called me, “a plank” - and to make it all worse I was wearing a work jumper that quite clearly displayed the correct web address across the chest!   I’m sure this is another one of those moments I’m never going to be allowed to forget for as long as Jay and I are friends.   All joking aside, Jay has done a top job once again and the car looks really smart.
We’ve had quite a hectic week at work, even though 90% of the country ground to a halt because of the snow, and have been a bit lazy when it came to the garage if I’m honest.   We spent a couple of nights out there just finishing bolting the car back together, fitting bonnet pins and things like that.   The diff still hasn’t been changed although it has seen a coat of paint!   We haven’t got round to sorting wheels and tyres yet either but the new outer rims have found their way into the workshop in readiness.   Building wheels is one job I hate doing.   You have to grind all the silicon off the centre of the wheel and it goes everywhere and sticks to everything then takes forever before it comes off!   Then you have to undo what seems like an endless amount of nuts and bolts to remove the damaged section, fit the new one then do them all up again and re-seal them with silicon.   I always manage to get this wrong and usually end up with a wheel that leaks air faster than you can inflate the tyre.   I’m sure the answer to this would be stop bending wheels but what can I say!!
Excuse me for going off topic here but I think this is a pretty cool thing.  One of my dad’s friends runs a rally school, and every year they take the cars to Sweden for 2 months and run the school on the frozen lakes.   They use Evos and Imprezas and the speed the cars are carrying and the amount of grip the studded tyres give them is incredible.   I have just booked up to go and try it in February and am really looking forward to doing something completely different.   My Dad used to rally and I have always fancied driving a rally car - just hope I don’t get lost having to turn in both directions!   Check out the website and watch some of the videos, I think you will be as impressed as I was
I said I was going to talk about the last few race meetings this time, but I’ve got so carried away with my waffling that if I include it in this instalment it will turn into a novel - I’ll save it for next time when I may have a serious hang over after celebrating my 21st in London with some friends next weekend.
Just before I go I want to say thanks to my mum, who is both my proof reader and critic and spends quite a lot of time each week reading through this and correcting all my spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.   My spelling is horrific and without her this would barely be legible.
Thanks again for tuning into my last blog before I turn into a mature and sensible 21 year old!  (not likely…).
Until next time

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