Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Viva Skeg-Vegas!

After the shunt at Birmingham we knew it was going to mean a couple of busy nights getting the car ready to go again.    We went straight at it, changing the axle and checking everything was back in square.   The body work and spoiler had been pushed across so it was all removed, straightened, repaired and re-fitted as best we could using bits of aluminium and lots of rivets!    Everything was given a check over and the tyres were all fitted in the right places.   This proved to be as much of a pain as normal and after several fittings they were still not really playing ball!    Having to fit some wets as well as slicks only made it worse and by the time we eventually had them sorted I had run out of swear words and obscenities to call them!
We had everything sorted so that all we had to do was hitch the trailer up to the truck and load up on Saturday.    With the car all strapped in and ready Dad then decided that as it’s a long way to Skeggie he would check the fuel filters on the lorry to make sure there was no water in them.   After finding some water he set about changing them only for the truck to flatly refuse to run afterwards!    After a great deal of fiddling about Dad got it all sorted and bled through and we were ready to roll.
We’d arranged to meet Jason at and travel up together - just in case either of us had a problem.   It’s quite a long journey for us but we got there without any excitement or drama.   The weather was looking undecided again, threatening to rain at any second but apart from a few spots here and there it held off and except for a really nasty wind blowing all day the weather turned out to be alright.
I like the track and the atmosphere at Skegness and although it’s one of the furthest journeys for us I look forward to our visit there each year.   Upon first glance the track looks as if it’s going to be slow and impossible to get round but when you get out there the speed is actually quite surprising.   I headed out for practice and everything all felt good so once again I returned to the pits happy.
I wasn’t in the first race so it was nice to watch it and get a bit of a feel for what was going on.  It turned out to be a pretty wild race with cars heading off in all directions at one point, a pattern that looked set to repeat itself all day.
My first race went well, with no major incidents to report and I crossed the line in 8th place picking up some valuable points along the way.   My second race turned out to be even better with the car going off the line like a rocket and managing to gain a couple of places.   The rest of the race went pretty well too with me crossing the line in 3rd, picking up even more points!
The final was one of those races where it didn’t really seem to come together.   After a few good opening laps I started to go backwards with me losing places every lap.    I managed to pull it back together at the end and hang on to 14th.    I’m a bit disappointed with myself about the final, not because I didn’t finish particularly high up, but because I can’t find a reason either with the car or myself for why I didn’t do my best.
Although a bit downhearted about the final it was still a good day and certainly well worth the trip.    We had escaped the damage and had a good laugh all day.
With two weeks to go till the next meeting and not much to do to the car I’m hoping to grab some time either mountain biking or kayaking with Ross.    Jason has invited me to go go-karting with him and some of his other friends on Saturday and although my karting skills are pretty poor it’s just too good an opportunity to miss.    I know it’s going to be a laugh although it may well end in tears with one or other of us getting a bit carried away!
With only one meeting left the season seems to have flown by, and even this close to the end it’s all still wide open, the battle to qualify is still very much alive!   Whatever happens next weekend I just want to wish everyone the best of luck!   I’ve loved every minute of racing this season and I can honestly say racing a National Hot Rod really is a pleasure.
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