Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Final Preparations

Is it just me or has this last month flown by?   It doesn’t seem like four weeks since we last raced and started to strip the car down.   We’ve pretty much done in four weeks what we’d normally do over a winter!   I’m one of the lucky ones though, as everyone who did the Thunder 500 only had two weeks to do it.
We are very nearly there now - the car itself is finished and there is only the set up left to complete. Then a bit of elbow grease for a big cleaning and polishing session.    We are halfway through weighing the car and it’s sat on the scales as we speak, time just ran out last night though so we left it ready to go back and finish off tonight.
We went to collect the car last Saturday after work and I just want to say a massive thank you to Jay and Sarah for spending so many hours doing it.   I think it looks brilliant and I couldn’t be any happier with it.   I’m sorry to disappoint everyone who has asked to see pictures of it but no one is seeing it until the weekend I’m afraid!
After we got it home we got stuck straight into it and got 90% of the work done.   It was just a lot of small jobs really like changing the oil and things.   They’re things you don’t think about and it’s amazing how long they all seem to take.   It’s not just the car to think about either - there are all the tools to sort and charge up, all the spares to sort out and of course the dreaded wheels!  I think we’re nearly there now though and I don’t think we have forgotten anything.   My Mum has been flat out busy too, cleaning the truck and generally getting everything organised and ready.  She’s a fabulous organiser so she’ll have it all in hand.   This racing is definitely a family affair!
We are going to get everything finished and sorted on Thursday evening and then Mum and Dad are going to load the car Friday night and drive up very early Saturday morning and meet the rest of us at the track.  We have rented a house to stay in; although the truck does have everything you need in it (albeit in a very basic form) you just can’t beat a proper bed and a full size shower!  Ross and I both have Friday and Monday off work so we’re going to make a long weekend of it, it is world final after all!
The reality of it all hasn’t quite sunk in yet and I haven’t taken any time to stop and just think about it fully.   It’s been flat out since we started and I can’t wait for Sunday to come round now.   Like I’ve said before it’s a dream come true and I’m lucky to have such amazing people to share it with.  All the people pushing the car on the parade lap are the people who really mean something to me and I’m proud to have them all there with me.   Thanks guys!
I’m sorry this blog is short but I’ll make up for it after the weekend with a bumper Spedeweekend entry!    All the drivers will be in the marquee located in the pits during Saturday’s comfort break.   Please come in and say hello . . . it will be a pleasure to meet you all.   I do just want to take a second and thank every single person who has supported and helped me this season.    There are far too many to list individually but there’s just a few who are with me through thick and thin and give up a great deal of their time to make this all possible.   Those people being my parents, and Ross, Jay and Sarah.   It wouldn’t have been possible without your time and dedication - you’re all slaves to it like me!   “Cheers” Steph for patiently listening to me moaning for the last month and to Chris Kew for simply telling me like it is!
I’m tired and hard up but it’s going to be one hell of a weekend!
Good luck to everyone on Sunday; every team has worked so hard this year.
 Thanks as ever for reading

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