Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rushing Around Again!

We seem to have done a splendid job of leaving everything till the last minute and now find ourselves running round in circles trying to get it all done in time.   Work has been manic too so there’s barely time to sleep at the moment, but in current times it certainly isn’t something to be moaning about!
I think we’re getting there with the car now and another good evening tonight should see it pretty much finished.   The front has all gone back together nicely, and apart from one small setback involving the angle grinder and the radiator, it has all been pretty uneventful.    I think the crash frames that the Haird cars like mine run are a really good idea as they do just what they are designed to and bend on impact saving the chassis - and in this case the suspension too.   They literally just bolt off and within a couple of minutes you can undo the 6 bolts and basically remove the front two feet of chassis and replace it.   My car certainly isn’t as lightweight as some of the others out there, but it is really strong, and seeing as I’m prone to so many accidents we need something that can handle the odd encounter with the wall!
With the exception of the set-up and some stickers to put on, the car is ready to go now.   I must admit though, I’ve been a bit tight and not bought any new tyres for the weekend; the slicks I had on were obviously new for the world final and they have done such little work it seemed pointless to replace them.  I also decided not to use my new wets and to save them for the qualifying campaign - I had a really good set here so decided we might as well use them and save a few quid.   On top of this another set of slicks is needed for practice on Friday and luckily I’ve still got four from the qualifying rounds last year that are really good.   They are all on random wheels but you can’t see both sides at once anyway so who would know?
My Dad has given me Thursday afternoon off so I can get everything finished and loaded and that has made things a bit easier.   Otherwise I think we would have been running round like complete lunatics trying to get sorted.   Working with the family does have its advantages sometimes!  I’m going to meet Steph tomorrow evening and her and Ross are coming up with me on Friday morning.    John will be coming down from Scotland to join us at some point and I’m still working on convincing Jay that it really is the place he needs to be this weekend!    I know he will kill me for saying this but its Ross’s 21st birthday on Tuesday and he is treating the weekend as a bit of a birthday celebration.
I’ve got a bit of a challenge for you all this weekend too . . . in our haste to rebuild the car we have made a little bit of a cock up.   It’s nothing major or anything that will affect the car, it’s just something stupid.  I’m going to offer a prize of either a beer or a signed pair of Jason Kew Racing Pants to the first person who picks up on it and tells me what it is!   My Dad, Mum, Ross, Kewy and I are the only people who know, and there’s no point trying to wheedle out of us what it is – you’ll have to look for yourselves! 
Jay and Sarah from TPR signs have launched their new website this week and you should all check it out.  I’m sure you know that they do all our sign work and I don’t think there is anyone offering such good quality and variety of products out there.  They are also official Koolart dealers now and can put the colours and signs onto a design of your favourite car or you can choose from the thousands of existing ones they already have.  The website is: so please have a look.   I just want to thank them both for their continued support and for putting up with my faffing around.  There isn’t a week goes by that I’m not pestering Jay for something or another.   I am really looking forward to the weekend now - it’s definitely one of my favourite meetings of the year.   I love the social side to it and the fact that you can stay at the track is a bonus too.  I’ll be around all weekend so feel free to come over and have a chat . . . . I’m sure we have enough beers to be able to share a couple with you!
Thanks as ever for reading.
Until next time

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