Monday, February 6, 2012

The Waiting Game

This is a bit of a weird time of year for me.   After the rush of Christmas and the Autosport show, and with six weeks to go until the racing starts again, things have slowed down on the racing front.   It’s given me chance to do some of the jobs I’ve been putting off for the last year though so I really shouldn’t moan too much!   The car’s sitting in the workshop exactly as it returned from Autosport and although we do have a few jobs to do it really is nothing too serious and a week at most will see it ready to hit the tracks again.   There are several things we want to try before the season gets under way and as I spent the last few meetings struggling with the brakes I plan to go out testing a couple of times and see if I can’t iron this out.   I seem to brake too early into the bends and it would be great if I could get enough confidence with the braking system to be able to attack the bends and go in a lot deeper before I brake.
Whilst things have slowed down I’ve decided to have bit of a clear out so keep watching eBay and Facebook as I’ll be putting all sorts of racing related stuff up for sale over the next few weeks.  With both racing and the nature of my job I seem to acquire all sorts of stuff and just when I think I’ve sorted everything out I find another shed full of hidden treasure!
I was determined over the winter to sort all my wheels out into sets and repair all the damaged ones.    It’s a job I hate doing but would rather do it now whilst I have the time to spare.   I absolutely love Compomotive Turbos and even though they are old now they are easily my favourite Hot Rod wheel.   I’ve been collecting centres ever since I started Hot Rods and last week I had them all shot-blasted and powder-coated a nice shiny white.   These coupled up with some new outer rims and I can bolt them back together and have them looking as good as new.    I’m also determined to get some spares sorted out and everything organised so when the time comes for the first meeting everything is ready to go.
I’m sorry it’s been a bit longer than usual between blogs and that this one is only very short but I have a few ideas for the coming weeks and with some testing, a trip to Scotland and a certain Hot Rod racer’s ‘stag do’ all on the horizon, I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say before the racing kicks off again.
Thanks as ever for reading.

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