Thursday, August 2, 2012

Weddings and Bike Races

With Spedeweekend over it was time for the most overdue wedding in Hot Rod history.   Finally, after being together 18 years Gavin and Mel tied the knot.   After leaving home in the morning I headed up to the Bigmore residence in Ipswich to get changed - then with the hindrance of a music festival and some flood water it was off to the church.   It was certainly a contrast to see everyone in suits and dresses instead of the usual racing overalls and work clothes!   I even went mad and bought a new suit for the occasion.   Everybody looked amazing though and it was a lovely church service, although I must admit Jay Austin and I could have been a little more enthusiastic about the singing!

After church it was back to Gavin’s house for the reception which was held in a big marquee in the garden.   The prospect of food and drink paid for by Gavin is my idea of a perfect day out!   Now I will always be the first person to have a joke and ‘take the ----’ but I have to admit that Gavin did stand up and make an absolutely brilliant speech.  Being a bit of a wild card I don’t think anyone knew what to expect but it was awesome mate so spot on!

The disco and evening do that followed was brilliant and a party that should have finished at 1am was still going strong long after 3 - although it was only the diehard racing folk left by that point.   Once again Kym Weaver and myself managed to get involved in the Jaeger Bombs in a repeat of
Tipperary last year and it’s safe to say everyone had a great time.   It was a wonderful day and thanks to you both for letting me be part of it.   All I’m going to say is that you’re a saint for putting up with him Mel.     Thanks also to Shaun and Carrie Taylor for letting me stay at their house - see how well behaved I was and no carnage or chaos ensued . . . .  apart from a savage attack from the cat in the morning!

Back to the world of racing now and even though there isn’t much to do to the car we’re still rushing around getting ready for National Weekend.  The engine had a very minor oil leak so went back to Toovey’s to be sorted out.  This meant it could go on the dyno to make sure everything was one hundred percent right.  It was all done and ready in little over a week so brilliant service there yet again.

After the wet Sunday at Spedeweekend the car looked terrible and I think a third of the speedway track was stuck to it.  A good half day with the jet wash left it looking somewhere near presentable again . . . shame I can’t say the same about my beloved Compomotives.   Another refurb for them in the winter I think.

We’ve also had to put new brake pads on the car and with the Friday practice at Hednesford offering the perfect opportunity to bed them in it seemed a good time to change them.

Another piece of good news is that John Sibbald has decided to get himself another National and go back out and do the Scottish qualifying series.   He’s done one meeting at Knockhill so far with a second in the final, and is coming down on Friday for the National Championship.  I was up there at the weekend and the car is looking good so hopefully things go well and once again he’ll be on the grid next July.

I’m sure most of you will already be aware of the charity bike race that Jason Kew and I are doing on the Sunday of the National Championship Weekend.   It’s in aid of raising money for Fords Care a charity that directly helps us and those involved with our racing.  It’s going to be one lap of the track and it’s fair to say that neither Jason nor I are in particularly good shape so anything could happen!   All the details of how to donate are on both the National Hot Rod website and the Hot Rod Facebook page so please dig deep and help a great cause - plus if we raise enough you get to see us do it dressed as women.  Yes, you did read that right, if we raise £500 we shall take to the track dressed as ladies!   I’ve had several people pledge money already including Cattermoles of Ipswich and
Andy Lane’s Ideal Commercials.   Thanks for that.

I’m looking forward to the weekend and seeing everyone from far and wide.   It’s usually a great weekend so let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint. The weather forecast isn’t too special so bring your coats and I have the lucky wetsuit on standby.   If anybody out there is feeling extra generous  and would like to sponsor me a couple of new wets that would be very much appreciated!

Thanks as ever for reading.

Until next time.


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