Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Countdown

Well the NEC is only a matter of days now, I know I’ve been on about it a lot recently but I really can’t wait.   Not only does it mean I can finally get back in the car again but I get to see all my friends and play ‘catch up.’   With people from all over the country racing and following Nationals it means I only see some of them at the meetings - this is great but the meetings are always pretty hectic with people rushing to get the cars ready and you often don’t have time to ‘just chat.’   The show is more relaxed and gives you time to wander round looking at the cars and finding out all the gossip!    There is also the legendary nightlife?! . . . . details of this to follow next week I’m sure!

The social side of racing has always been a big part of it for me and the people I talk to and meet are just as important to me as the racing itself.    Whether it’s talking to fans about the cars or going into detailed lap to lap analysis with another driver, it’s all relative - and the pits without friends would be a very lonely place in my opinion.

I don’t really have much to report from the garage this week, but it would have been even less had things gone smoothly.   Firstly my Dad fitted the tyres in a hurry at work one evening and when Ross blew them up back in the workshop we found the air was leaking out of two as fast as it was going in.    It was back to work with them the next morning to be re-fitted and now they are staying up perfectly.  Fingers crossed!   Luckily we found enough straight wheels so we haven’t had to repair any, because as you know this is a job I really hate.    For now at least, the ones on the car are literally my last straight ones so we’re just putting off something that will become inevitable.

The next problem was discovered when Dad was having a look under the car and put his hand straight into a pool of petrol that had been dripping unnoticed from the fuel tank.   We smelt petrol at the last meeting but couldn’t see anything leaking so ignored it.   The tank must have a tiny split somewhere because it’s barely a teaspoon of fuel but ‘a leak’s a leak.’   A phone call to Gerry at Haird’s has seen another packaged up and sent, ready to be fitted this week.

The error I made with the stickers is failing to leave me alone and as I removed the wrong sticker off the side skirt it took all the paint with it.   Not only did this leave a mess along the side but to add to my annoyance you could still clearly read the incorrect web address - in grey primer this time rather than the fluorescent yellow it was before.    The side skirts are only held on with six bolts so that has been whipped off and given back to Terry who once again is going to sort my mess out!

We finally have some sort of plan for the show.   Terry is going to tow the car up for on Friday and Ross and Jay are going to baby-sit me and make sure I don’t cock everything up in my Dad’s absence!  He and Mum are coming up on Sunday and I’m sure he will enjoy sitting in the stands and watching without the worry of making sure everything is ok back in the pits.    I really do ‘owe’ these guys for all their help . . . . . . . .  and for just putting up with me!

That’s about all that’s happened this week.    I’ll be back next week with a full run down of the show. I’m thinking about looking back at 2010 the following week, and I’ll have some tales from a snowy, cold
Sweden the week after that.   Massive thanks again to everyone for reading this, sorry it’s been a bit ‘samey’ (is that a word?) the last few weeks.   Looking forward to seeing all my old friends and making some new ones at the weekend.   Enjoy the show.


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