Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So: into 2011.

Well “Happy New Year” everyone; hope you all have good ones!  It seems crazy that it’s 2011 already - time seems to fly these days.    Just before I start I want to thank everyone who helped make 2010 the brilliant year it was and thank everyone in advance for everything during 2011.   There are a lot of people who make the racing possible not just for me but everyone else as well so thanks to you all.
With snow being on the ground for what seemed like forever, I was spending most of my day clearing it from various places at work and by the time we were getting home at night we just didn’t feel like going out and working on the car, so it was really nice knowing it was all finished and just sitting in the workshop waiting.  We have decided to add a few more stickers just to make it look a bit different,  and once they  arrive we can get down to the serious work of polishing ready for the show.
As I type this my overalls are in the washing machine having a ‘freshen up’.   My parents bought me a new helmet for my birthday, my granddad bought me some new racing boots for Christmas and I have a new pair of gloves that I have never used all ready for this year.   I’m really fussy with helmets.  Wearing glasses seems to give me all sorts of problems with them misting up and actually fitting properly, so after trying lots of different ones and borrowing John’s Simpson helmet for a while, I settled on a motocross style helmet that lets me use my special double-glazed goggles with them.   I find this style of helmet so much more comfortable to wear; the goggles stop my glasses steaming up, and the big aperture gives you better visibility I think.
All my paperwork arrived for the NEC show the other day, and I’m going to sit down and read it when I get a second - it’s getting close now and I’m on countdown like a kid at Christmas!  I’m also nervous about it - my dad comes to every meeting I do and I would be lost without him, but due to work he won’t be able to make the weekend and is just going to drop me off on the Friday then he’s coming back on Sunday with my mum to look round and pick me up again.   I don’t have a licence to tow the trailer and this year I am hell-bent on taking the test because it really would make things so much easier at times like this.   My friend Ross is coming up and I’m trying to convince Jay Austin to come and play crew chief for the weekend, and make sure I’m not doing anything wrong!   Jay has always been a great help and always seems to make sure I have my head screwed on when I get in the car and don’t forget anything when I’m out of it!
Christmas and New Year has seen me eat and drink too much so now it’s time for the diet to begin and the exercise to start!   I say this every year but this time I’m determined . . .  the mountain bike has even been dug out of the shed ready.   I don’t think I have ridden a bike for at least 5 years but it can’t be that difficult surely!    I’m convinced that good fitness would benefit you whilst racing so it’s something I’m willing to try.  No pain, no gain, as they say!
My good friends John and Robert have flown over to South Africa to race there this January, and whilst I am very jealous I wish them both the best of luck.   Robert - of Stock Rod National Championship winning fame - is in my opinion one of the best drivers I have seen on a short oval, and think it’s about time he pulled his finger out and raced a National!   Hopefully when he drives one again John, will realise how much he misses it and make a return himself, back here in the UK.   Have a great time guys!
This coming week is going to see us making the final preps for the NEC, and although it’s the most organised we’ve EVER been, there’s bound to be something we’ve forgotten.  Now, time permitting, we can start the mammoth task of clearing out our workshop.   Those of you who have been in our workshop will know what I mean - and those of you that haven’t, just think 11 years-worth of racing stacked round the edges, with a ramp for the car in the middle!
Thanks once again for reading this and I wish everybody both on and off the track all the best for the coming year.
Until next time

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