Thursday, October 20, 2011

The beginning of a busy month

With the exception of loading the car into the trailer we are sorted and ready for Ipswich on Saturday night.   We have everything on the car done, and probably for the first time ever, we have a night to spare.   It’s definitely not something to get used to though as the meeting this weekend sees the start of a four week back-to-back racing fest with a meeting every weekend leading us into the winter break.    One of these meetings is the European Championship and my first meeting overseas - but more on that next week I think.
All the work on the car was pretty routine stuff - like the diff and the tyres - and we have all that down to a pretty fine art now.   I must also admit I’m a big fan of a Saturday night meeting.   It usually means we can work in the morning then head off racing in the afternoon.   Although it’s a late night home, it gives you Sunday to do the car.   It’s amazing how much you can do in a whole day compared with a few hours in the evening.   My two favourite tracks, Ipswich and Birmingham are generally Saturday night meetings, making it that little bit sweeter as well!
As a lot of you will already know I’m always having issues with wheels for the car and seem to spend half my life bending them, but after a rummage in the deepest darkest corners of my shed I have managed to find three Compomotive Turbos.   You almost need a degree in climbing to get to the back of the shed so getting out alive and with three wheels is certainly an achievement in itself.  Compomotive Turbos are easily my favourite Hot Rod wheel ever, and although these are looking pretty sorry for themselves and all need new outer rims on them, it gives me a nice project for the winter.    I have six of them in total and I’m going to shot-blast them, paint them and fit new outers so they all look like new - so look out for my car on a set of retro-wheels next year.
I was having one of those pointless “If I won the lottery...” conversations the other day and I decided that I would buy a brand new SHP Peugeot 205.   This is easily the coolest and the best looking Hot Rod ever built.   One with all the bits from a modern Hot Rod would just be amazing even if it just sat in the garage for looking at!   Obviously it would be running the aforementioned Compomotive Turbos to complete the retro look . . . . 
Back to reality again, and away from lottery winning fantasies I’m sure some of you will have noticed the banner for our company in the right hand corner of - please click on it and have a look on our website.  As many of you will use vans for work or racing, please give us a thought if you are looking for any spares.   We have literally thousands of parts in stock ready to send straight out, and can send stuff next day to most places!
 Sorry this is short - I’ll be back next week to tell you how the meeting at Ipswich went and share the plans for Ireland – it’s going to be great.
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