Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hot Rods and Carp Fishing

Well that’s another meeting over.   This year is flying by and it only seems like yesterday that we were getting ready for the NEC and the World Final.  We only have four meetings left before the winter is upon us again!  We’re already planning the winter rebuild and the wheels are in motion getting the bits and pieces we need ordered up.    I’ve put my name down for the NEC Live Action arena again so hopefully I’ll get picked to go back in there.
We had a pretty hectic week after Ipswich trying to get as much done as we could so I could go away with Ross for our annual fishing trip to Devon.   We got most of it done and good old Dad finished the last few bits and he and Mum loaded it all up on the Friday night so everything was ready to go.  Thanks again to you both for everything over the years, obviously without the help from both of you none of the racing could happen.
After racing, carp fishing is my other love.  With so much time being spent either racing or in the work shop I don’t spend anywhere near as much time fishing as I would like so it’s nice once a year to go away for a week, just forget everything and catch some fish.   Waking up on the Saturday morning, catching some carp then coming home to race made for a pretty good day too!
It was a meeting of pretty mixed feelings and results.   Some parts were great and I was really pleased whilst others left me really disappointed with myself.   Once again though the car was just faultless - it just seems to get better every time I drive it.   Just needs a driver to match its capabilities now!
The first race I thought was pretty good although I lost a few places from my start position.  Everything went really well and I had a great race with Carl Waller-Barrett.   For a lot of the race he was on the outside - he got past in the end - but it was just a good clean race for a fair few laps, each of us giving the other enough respect and not beating hell out of one another.  I finished the race seventh so I’m pretty pleased with that.
My second race was going okay for the first few laps until I ended up spun onto the infield.   There was nothing wrong with the car so I rejoined the race, albeit at the back of the grid.   From this point on the car was just superb and I think it was the quickest I went all night, we’ll never know though as the transponder decided to pack up meaning I can’t see the lap times, typical!   I still finished in thirteenth place so managed to scrape a couple of points from it.
Just as we lined up for the final it started to rain, not heavy just really fine rain that turned the track into a greasy skating rink almost instantly.   We went from a rolling start and it all went wrong from that moment.  It was all just stupid errors on my part but I drove like an idiot hugging the inside line and really struggling with the track conditions.   All the quick cars were right out wide against the fence using all of the grip they could find whilst I limped around the inside hugging the kerb.   I’m pretty disgusted with myself but it’s put down to experience and a mistake I certainly won’t be making again.
All in all another good meeting though and as Dick Hillard pointed out at drivers meeting, at times I do seem to be the only one who enjoys it.   No matter what the politics or rules are if I win or lose I remember that it’s my hobby!   It’s my life too but I remember why I am there.  Yes, I want to win, I want to do well but if I don’t I’m not going to let it ruin my life.   I’ve still got to get up and go to work on Monday whatever happens.
I’ll be back next week and I’ll tell you what’s going on with the car and about our planned trip to the European with Gav.   It’s going to be my first International meeting and I’m far too excited already!
Until then thanks for reading.

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