Thursday, December 22, 2011

Some Festive Partying!

What a wild couple of weekends I’ve just had.   As it was my birthday and with Christmas rapidly approaching, we felt the need to party. . . . something we did in pretty impressive style.
Along with my friends John, Jay, Sarah, Gav, Mel and their little girl Imogen we booked a house not far from Skegness for a few days rest and relaxation.    Looking back now I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday and we had a really great time.   When we headed out on the Saturday it was freezing cold with ice everywhere so we decided to do what anyone sensible would avoid - and go Go-Karting.   Not surprisingly we were the only ones there!   The track was like one sheet of ice and the karts left a lot to be desired with wheels and bits of bodywork pointing off at all sorts of obscure angles.   If I’m honest I did get bullied a little bit . . .  I wasn’t safe unless I had the entire track to myself and every corner someone would fire me out.   At the end of our session there were dead karts strewn all over the infield - I even managed to snap a chain on one.   I managed to follow this up by coming last ten-pin bowling as well . . . luck obviously wasn’t on my side!
It wouldn’t be a birthday without a night out, so we headed into Skegness for a few vodkas on the Saturday night.  Gavin had been feeling ill all day and headed back in after a few drinks leaving John, Jay and myself to do the drinking.   After drinking enough vodka and Red Bull to fund the F1 team for next season, we headed back too.   Another great night with some great people.
This last weekend saw us heading out again to give our livers another beating and after driving up to Ipswich to sort some work stuff out with Jay we headed out into Ipswich town for a couple of Christmas beverages!    Gavin wasn’t going to be calling it off early this time though, and along with Shaun Taylor, Jay, the legend that is Joe Palmer, and Mr Cattermoles of Ipswich - Andrew Bigmore - we headed out into town.    It was one of those nights where you could fill a book with all the events but most of them are stories for another day, several certainly not suitable to be told here at all!
I spent the next day shopping with Steph and Emma before heading back to reality and work on Monday morning.  The girls and I obviously have a completely different view on shopping.   They wander round looking at everything before buying something they have thought long and hard about  -  I buy the first thing that fits and won’t show any oil stains from the racing car!
I’m sure some of you will read this blog and think two things – firstly, that I have a drink problem (I don’t) and secondly that all this doesn’t have anything to do with racing at all.   You’re probably right but to me it backs up what I have said all year about just how much I do love the social side to it as well as the serious bit of doing the car and actually racing.   I think I am in a very lucky position to have such great friends and without the Hot Rod I wouldn’t know any of them  . . . . .  and certainly wouldn’t have these stories to tell!
This will be my last entry before Christmas but I will be back before New Year and will bring you right up to date with the rebuild – it’s coming along nicely now and we’ll all be able to have a few days off over Christmas with no work, no racing cars and time to relax!   Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read this every week and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you.   I hope all your wishes come true.
Happy Holidays!

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