Sunday, January 1, 2012

The end of a great year

I know I say it so often but I can’t believe how fast this year has gone!  Christmas seemed to race by and even though I spent most of it ill in bed it was nice to have a few days off from work and relax a bit.   It’s straight back to it now though and the NEC countdown is well under way – I’m excited already!
Everything is looking good with the car and all is going to plan for now.   This will change I’m sure and no doubt we’ll be running around on the last morning putting the final few bits back together!   I haven’t really mentioned the car much recently but as you know we’ve had all the panels off and been on a bit of a weight saving mission.  Having trimmed, removed and replaced all the necessary bits it was time to clean it and put it all back together.
Having smashed the car so many times, both Dad and I are experts at rebuilding it and it’s amazing how quickly we can get it back together when we get stuck in.    We mock fitted all the panels then took them off again and sent them away for a coat of paint.   They came back all shiny and new and once again we got stuck in and bolted them back on.    When we built the car originally we mounted the pins holding the driver’s door on too low, meaning I couldn’t let myself out of the car without a lot of drama.   It also flapped about through every race which was very annoying!   The pins are now mounted much higher, the door fits properly, and hopefully I’ll be able to take it off myself!
With the car back together and the panels back on, it was time for a trip to Ipswich to leave it at TPR signs.   We are going to collect it next week and I can’t wait to see what they have done with it.   Not giving anything away but I know it’s something a bit special.
When it’s back we can do the last few jobs, fit the tyres and set everything up ready for the show.  I’ll be heading up on the Friday and hopefully it will be as wild a weekend as ever . . . . .  and with the awards night the weekend before it should be an action packed couple of weekends!
Looking back over the year it has been a great one both on and off the track.   There have certainly been some brilliant laughs along the way.   Every day I continue to live my dream.   There are so many people I owe such a lot to and without them none of it would be possible.   I couldn’t ever thank everyone individually but I just want to give a special mention to the following:  both my parents, Jay and Sarah at TPR Signs, Sonny and everyone at SHP, David and Lesley Haird, Gavin, Mel and ‘Team Sole Bay’, Carl Buckle, ‘Team Kew Racing’, John, Mel, Ross, Neil and the entire Bigmore family.
As ever I want to thank every person who takes time to read my ramblings every week though I’m sure some of you think it’s a load of rubbish – and you’re probably right!    I also want to wish everyone the best of luck for 2012, in general as well as racing.   I have no New Year’s Resolutions as such, only to keep enjoying life as much as I do now.
Thanks again for reading.
Happy New Year


  1. Keep writing Mikey - it's a great read. A bit random at times maybe, but never boring. John.

  2. keep up the good work work your blogs are great home and abroad.