Friday, January 13, 2012

I’ve been looking forward to writing this week’s entry for a while now - it seems as if after a few quiet weeks there is so much to say!
I’ll start with last weekend’s awards evening and what a top night it turned out to be.   There was a great atmosphere and it was nice to see people and have a few drinks.   It was also a good chance to have a chat with Deane and Les and listen to what they are planning on doing with the Nationals in the future.   It all sounded good to me and will definitely raise the profile of the formula when it all comes into play over the next few years.   Barry Lee who presented the awards was brilliant – he is as good a speaker as he is a driver; I think the sport could use more characters like him now.   Some of us were still going strong long after the party had finished, with Gavin and me being the last two National drivers up.   I think I headed off to bed at about !  Spedeworth’s man in a kilt was still with us at this point too but now seems to think he has one up on me . . . perhaps ‘round two’ this weekend can at least level the score.   I think a big “well done” to the drivers who won the awards is due, and a massive “thank you” to Lucy and everyone involved for putting on such a great night.   Your hard work was definitely appreciated and I will certainly be back next year.   Judging from the drunken photos that keep appearing everyone else enjoyed it too - although I can bet there were a few serious hangovers the next morning!
With the car now finished and loaded in the trailer ready to leave for the NEC I can finally reveal what we have been up to over the last few months.  As you know we rebuilt and re-panelled it completely for this year in a bid to save weight.  We wanted to do something a bit different with the overall look of the car too.   Once again TPR Signs came up the answer - silver carbon-fibre vinyl!  All of the bits that are usually silver have been wrapped in it, from the roof and bonnet right down to the back of the mirror.  It took Jay hours to do and I know there were a few very late nights.   The result is stunning and definitely worth all his hard work.   From a distance you can’t really see it but as you get close you can see and feel the carbon pattern all over the top half of the car.   Once this was done it was treated to a completely new sticker scheme and a shining new set of wheels.   We managed to get a good amount of weight off too, so all in all a very successful few months.  I’ve included some pictures in here so you can all have a look.
It also gives me great pleasure this week to announce the launch of my brand new website    This is another fine piece of work by TPR and is online to view now.  We’ve been working on this idea for a while and I’m very happy with the result.  I hope nobody gets the wrong idea - I don’t think I’m anything special and I’m not trying to turn myself into a star - but it’s a good way for people to following what I’m doing, have a look at some photos and to see who all the people are who make my racing possible.   I’m still going to be putting my blog on every week though so you can keep reading it on here.   The website will be updated after every meeting with results and photos and we have a couple of ideas in the pipeline that will be coming through very soon too.   Both Jay and Sarah have put a great many hours into everything for me over the last few months and I really can’t thank them enough.
The show is only a matter of hours away now and I’m itching to get up there.   Gavin and Carl are going to help me with the car and I think pretty much everyone I know will be there at some point over the weekend!   Thank you to everyone who has made the car possible – I hope you are all as pleased with it as I am.   Thanks to all of you who still read my blog every week - I do genuinely appreciate it.
Until next week.

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