Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Chopper (for those that know!)

Looking back I think the stag-do lived up to everyone’s expectations.   We drank beer, made idiots of ourselves and shot each other!   We arrived on Friday morning and left again on Sunday evening and it was chaos right from the off.   By the time it came to head home it was fair to say we were all broken men.

As well as the drinking we actually had some activities planned, the first of these was paint balling. This was guaranteed to be a free-for-all and sure enough after Gav (who was dressed in a pink tutu) had upset various other players in the game we were let loose in a wood on our own and left to get on with it until we ran out of paint balls.   I will just say that when a paint ball hits you it hurts, and when the two people shooting at you are ex-marines who don’t miss - coupled with Carl hitting you square on the back of the head - then ouch!   They definitely shot us more times than we shot them!

From there we went go-karting.   Sadly this wasn’t my finest hour and I managed to finish last in all three races.   Considering it was racing people out there it was pretty calm with no major contact or anyone buried in the wall.   We chose to upgrade to twenty lap races and I think I speak for everyone by saying we were knackered when we finished, it felt like my arms were about to fall off.   We did two qualifying heats and a final with John being the overall winner.

The next morning, after another hectic night out dressed as doctors and Gavin as a ‘not so sexy nurse’ (he looked more like a school dinner lady), we headed to watch the Hot Rods at Lochgelly.   It was my second time there in as many weeks and it wasn’t any warmer this time round!    It’s a shame there weren’t a few more cars racing, and with Willie Hardie watching too there were almost as many Hot Rod racers in the stand as there were on the track.   It was good racing from the Hot Rods nonetheless, and some great stuff from the 1300 Saloons with them rolling and hitting the wall all over the place.

We left Lochgelly and headed back to Cowdenbeath.    It was the first practice since the track has been finished and the first time John has been out in his new Lightning Rod.   Just as we arrived disaster struck with something coming adrift in the engine and putting a hole in the sump, ending John’s day early and meaning he’ll miss his first meeting at
on Saturday.

We went straight from the track to the airport.  We were all booked onto different flights and everyone except Danny (Gav’s best man) and I were on an earlier flight.    We got the bum deal and were there for 5 hours as our flight got delayed.   It was a brilliant weekend though and I think it’s fair to say that after all these years Gavin and I are at last ‘on equal points’. . . although he says it’s just his turn again now so God help me I suppose!

A bit closer to home everything is nearly ready with the racing car, and with few days to go it won’t be long until the winter break is a long-forgotten thing of the past.   I’m looking forward to getting back out there racing.    My attitude is positive and I’m planning to give it my best shot and try and salvage something from what can so far be described as a disastrous season.    I look forward to seeing you all along the way!

Thanks as ever for reading.

Until next time.


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