Saturday, March 31, 2012

Keeping up to date

Now the season is underway life is hectic once more and the months we had off seem a long forgotten thing of the past.   Even when you don’t have much to do to the car it’s amazing how many hours you spend in the workshop - even if it’s just tying up loose ends or doing the jobs you put off when the car requires a bit more attention.    I really think that the amount of time and dedication people put into their Hot Rods is the equivalent of having a second full-time job, and I know in our workshop and probably lots more the world over, the phrase ‘not enough hours in the day’ is used regularly.

We’ve been talking about replacing our lorry with something a bit smaller and newer for quite some time and the other day an opportunity arose that was too good to miss.   Hence we now find ourselves the proud owners of what can only be described as a huge Iveco van.   We obviously don’t have enough to do already and have decided to convert it into a camper van ready for the start of next season.    It’s a completely standard van that’s had a hard life carrying tyres so there’s plenty of work needed to turn it into something we can use for racing.

The car is sitting in the workshop ready to go.   We changed the diff and did all the routine checks after Birmingham and have finished it with a night to spare - first time for everything!   All we have to do is order a new battery and load it into the trailer and we’re ready to go.    I’m sure things won’t be quite so relaxed next week with only five days between meetings again.

I’m sure some of you will have already seen them but there’s a few videos kicking about from the Birmingham meeting:  one of the final here – and one with the Spedeworth camera mounted backwards in my car here - .   There are four Spedeworth videos from the meeting with cameras pointing at various angles and they can all be found at .

Whilst on the subject of websites there will be some exciting changes to  over the coming weeks.   Without giving too much away it will hopefully involve more photo galleries, videos and a merchandise section.     Please keep checking back to see what’s happening and a quick thank you as ever to Jay and Sarah of TPR Signs for keeping the website up to date for me.

At the moment I’m still sitting outside the top twenty and even having missed two meetings qualifying for the world final is still a possibility.  I have nothing to lose but plan to push as hard as I can and see where I end up at the end of the season.    Long term we’re planning another full blown assault next year with the aim of making the 2013 world final grid.

I know this is a cheeky thing to say but if there’s anyone out there who would be interested in having their name on the car and trailer, along with a link on my website please feel free to get in touch, any help is always greatly appreciated and I certainly wouldn’t turn anything away!   The best way to get in touch would be via the sponsor’s page on the website or email me at

It’s set to be a hectic few weeks with two meetings in a row and then over the Easter weekend I’m off up to Scotland again.   I look forward to catching up with you all along the way.

Thanks as ever for reading.

Until next time


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