Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The end of the dream

 In hindsight I should have worn my lucky wetsuit last night.   It certainly turned into a night I want to forget. There were no specific incidents and I didn’t pick up any real damage but it was just an overall disaster.  I think any chance I had of qualifying for the world final is all but gone now, but never mind - these things happen - and I will move on to the next challenge and try and qualify again next year.

We had an embarrassing defeat before we even got to the track after trying to overtake Ricky Hunn on the dual carriageway, only to be left high and dry as he pulled back out in front of us and disappeared off into the distance.   We should have taken it as a sign and turned round and gone home!

It was one of those nights where I can’t actually find a reason for things going wrong.   I was trying hard enough and at times the car seemed to be absolutely brilliant so even now after hours of thinking it over and over I’m still no closer to an answer.   Must just be bad driving!  Everyone seemed to be struggling for grip though, and as soon as you picked up the rubbish from the outside of the track, the cars went to pieces for a few laps.

For all my moaning I did finish all three races but unfortunately only one was in the points - a tenth in the second race after what I thought was a really good race with Robert, where we traded paint with each other for a good few laps.   It was all good clean racing though and I’m sure come next season he really is going to be one to watch!

               My immediate thought on the way home was not to do Northampton but tidy the car up again and do the support races at Spedeweekend.   After a good night’s sleep and some talking round from Dad we’re going to get the car ready and have a go after all.   There’s nothing to lose and I look like a bit of a quitter if just because I’m not going to qualify I don’t turn up!   The point of having the car is to race so that’s what I intend to do.

               It’s looking to be a pretty good couple of weeks though with a trip to Scotland next weekend to watch a proper formula and one with almost as much contact as National Hot Rods - the National Saloon Stock Cars - and then John and co. are coming to stay the following weekend when we’re both racing at Northampton.  

              On a more cheerful note a big ‘well done’ to Kyle Hegg on his first win in his new saloon at Cowdenbeath on Saturday night, complete with his new T&B Motors sticker; more of that next weekend please Hegg!

              Maybe it’s not been the season I’d hoped for and looking back I wish I’d been able to do all the meetings but no point worrying about it now.   I still think I’ve made good progress though and have learnt a great deal so it will be back next year to have another go.   Sorry, but you won’t be getting rid of me quite yet . . .

              Thank you to everyone who came up to me last night and said they read the blog  - I appreciate it and I’ll be back next week with more tales from north of the border.

Thanks as ever for reading.

Until next time.


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