Monday, May 14, 2012

You’ve just got to love Hednesford!

The title pretty much says it all - no matter what the weather you can’t help but love racing at Hednesford!  With the exception of Tipperary we don’t run on a faster track anywhere and it’s only an hour and a half from home for me!

I think we were well and truly blessed with the weather.  Rain was pretty much forecast for the entire day and most of the cars were rolling out of their transporters with wets all ready bolted on. There was a heavy shower around start time leaving the track damp for the first race.  Thankfully I wasn’t in that one and was perfectly content to sit and watch it from the sidelines.   From then on the rain just about held off and with the track drying every lap I made the decision to bolt four slicks on for the first race.

As soon as I pulled out onto the track and saw how dry it was I knew I’d made the right choice.  The racing was to be pretty fierce all day and after 25 hard laps we crossed the line in 7th.     The second race was to be much of the same, only with a faster and drier track I fell back a few more places here though and crossed the line in 11th.

Come the final the track was bone dry and everything was back up to full speed.   It was 35 laps of non-stop action from start to finish, and with 4 laps to go I found myself in the lead with Gavin and Matt just sliding past on the last lap.   It put me in 3rd over the line but I was docked two places back down to 5th.   All in all a good day though, and points in all 3 races once again helps to just about keep the dream alive for another couple of weeks.    What happens in this championship is still just as open as it’s ever been!

I said last week I thought that Robert would be quick; I wish I’d bet money on it now because I certainly wasn’t wrong.   From starting last on the grid I was utterly shocked when I saw him in my mirror in the first race, ending with him pretty much pushing me over the line!  Certainly one to watch next year I think.   He was wearing my spare wetsuit so maybe it’s lucky like mine!   Somehow I doubt it though.

One man who didn’t have much luck on the day was Jason.  Not twenty minutes after they had left the track he rang me asking to give his team a lift home because the stub axle had snapped off on his lorry.   The lorry was left in the safe hands of Daz Owen and with a few extra passengers we headed back home.  It was a race to get back before it got dark though because just as we were leaving the track we noticed all the wiring had snapped for the lights on our trailer.   We all made it back and everything lives to fight another day!

We don’t have that much to do before Ipswich next Saturday and a couple of big nights in the workshop should see us ready to go.   It might just be me but I can’t believe there’s only two meetings left this season, it seems to have gone so fast.

Thanks as ever for reading.   I really do appreciate all the comments I get from people and try to make it as interesting as possible each time.

I look forward to seeing you all at Ipswich - I need as much luck as I can get so I’ll be wearing my purple wetsuit whether it’s soaking wet or boiling hot!

Until next time.


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