Saturday, June 23, 2012

A very wet Saturday

I’ve been busy since my last entry and seem to be living for the weekends these days.   Looking at my calendar I have very few free weekends between now and October.   I like to think I work hard during the week and being as ‘you’re only young once’  I’m making the most of every opportunity while I can and don’t have bills and mortgages holding me back.

Last Saturday morning saw me up at 3.30am and in my car on the way to the airport for what is fast becoming a regular trip up to Scotland.   I’ve been there so often recently that John has started asking for rent money!   It’s so easy to fly up and I was there by 8.30am.  John was busy working and I had plenty to be getting on with down at his workshop so despite the weather being more like January than June I trudged off down there to spend the day getting soaked.   I had somehow managed to convince my friend Ashalee that the workshop was ‘the place to be’ and she spent all day in the soaking rain too - the things you do for your friends Ash!

When John arrived it was time to head off to Cowdenbeath.   The weather still hadn’t improved and if I’m honest I’m glad John was racing rather than me!   I don’t know just what it is about the place and even though I’ve never even raced there myself I just love the track and the whole atmosphere of the stadium.   Not even the rain could ruin it for me.

John has really got to grips with the lightening rod now and picked up a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd in the races.   He starts last car every race and as all the other cars are getting quicker too he has his work cut out to get to the front.   I think they look like complete animals to drive after being so used to watching the Nationals and John had a couple of really hairy moments in the wet  - fair play to him though, he kept his foot down and held it in some pretty impressive slides.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Scotland without a night out so it was straight back from racing to shower and change then head out on the town.   It was the Armadale Gala that day so pretty much everyone was out.   Sunday was spent working again before a pretty hilarious evening at John’s followed by an early flight Monday morning so I wasn‘t too late for work!

With the Thunder 500 rapidly approaching we’re starting to get somewhere near with the car.  It’s not looking its prettiest I’m afraid but it will have to do for one night.  It’s being treated to some new panels and a coat of paint next week in time for Spedeweekend.

After the last meeting we decided to take the gearbox out and check it so that’s all done and refitted.  We needed to do a bit of beating to get the back end somewhere near straight again.   After a couple of hours with jacks, hammers and a big bit of wood you would never even know it had been damaged.

I’ve been thinking about breaking out my precious Compomotive wheels for this weekend but I’ve thought better of it and am keeping them for a slightly more special occasion . . . possibly Spedeweekend if I can bring myself to face the fact they might actually get damaged!

One last thing before I call time for another week.   It would be great if everyone could have a little look at my friend Ashalee’s website:  I know she is looking for sponsors at the moment so if any of you are feeling a bit generous with the cash and want to help out one of life’s genuinely good people that would be amazing!

I’m really looking forward to the Thunder 500 - Steph’s giving out the trophies so I’m under strict orders to win one!  I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks as ever for reading.

Until next time.


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