Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The party continues

It’s amazing how much you can do in such a small space of time.  In little over a week I have raced the Thunder 500, I’ve had an amazing time at the Skegness Speed Weekend and almost got the Hot Rod ready for the support races at Ipswich this coming weekend.

I said this after
Northampton but once again I can say I have never enjoyed my racing as much as I did at the Thunder 500.  The whole ‘no pressure for points’ is great, plus the fact that the car is going so well just made it into a really great meeting.  I certainly wasn’t one of the quickest cars but I was pleased with how the meeting turned out.

The first race was by far the best one of the night and ended with me crossing the line in third - it’s not really that long ago that I would have been lapped in a race like that so I was pleased with the result. This was followed in the second race by a sixteenth starting from the back and again it felt as though I was on the pace.

When we were lining up for the final I was pleasantly surprised at how far forward I had qualified - it was somewhere in the middle and there were certainly as many cars starting behind as there were in front.   I think it was a great race and I enjoyed being out there.    I was surprised how quickly 50 laps flew by.   In terms of positions I didn’t set the world alight but crossed the line in tenth - it’s the first championship race I have ever finished so I was pleased with that.

As well as finishing the race the car survived the meeting which meant there wasn’t too much work needed to get it ready for Spedeweekend.  I had new panels ready to bolt on and apart from all the usual little jobs I didn’t have that much else to do.    When the panels were fitted it went to the painters to have the bottom half touched up, then Jay and Sarah came and did the stickers.   It looks smart again after I’d let it go a little over the last few months.

As much as I would have given anything to be on the grid on Sunday the advantages to not qualifying are the time and money that I have saved!   Any of the boys out there will confirm how much it costs and a little part of me is relieved that this year I have been spared all that . . .  and it’s not as if I don’t get to race at all.

Seeing as there wasn’t much to do over the weekend and Ashalee had invited me to stay with her at the Skeggy weekend  I decided to enjoy a few days of Stock Car action.   I’d heard it was mad but I wasn’t quite expecting it to be as mental as it was!    Friday night in the Boat House (nightclub) was literally insane.  It was packed wall to wall with racing folk.   I started out knowing very few people and by the time we left I think I’d spoken to nearly everyone in there . . . I’d had a drink with most of them too!

The events of Saturday evening are frankly weird and a bit blurred so it’s probably best we don’t dwell on them too long - but it was another quality night topped off with me having a little snooze on a table.   All in all another brilliant weekend with some great people, and one I’ll definitely be adding to my calendar next year.

I’ve always said I’m not really a fan of watching racing but I must say I enjoyed watching the Stock Cars.  Mick Sworder is pure brilliance in an F1 and I absolutely love the Saloons.   I don’t have the balls to race one but they are superb to watch.

This week is going to see me finish the car off and weather permitting take it to the local Motor Show on Thursday night.   Hopefully I can load it up after that and not unload it again until I get to
Ipswich on Saturday.   I can’t wait for all my friends to be in the same place at once and it should be a great weekend.   Hopefully one of my friends will walk away with the gold roof too.

I’ll see you all there, thanks as ever for reading.


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