Thursday, October 4, 2012

A busy couple of weeks

Recently we’ve had a lot of meetings in a short space of time. This, coupled with a new venture at work, means I’ve been very busy this past few weeks, leaving little time for much else.

By now you will know that I personally think Birmingham Wheels is the best Hot Rod track in this country.   The location however, leaves much to be desired and the hill up into the pits is a bit of a killer - but from a spectator point of view it’s pretty good.

After having a few handling problems with the car at
Ipswich we decided to head up to Birmingham for the Wednesday night open practice. On the way we drove through some truly awful weather but luck must have been on our side because when we arrived at the track it had stopped raining.  Lucky really, as we hadn’t taken any wets with us!

We’d left work late so there wasn’t much time left to practice when we got there but we got a few good runs in and changed everything we needed to.    We left the track happy and made a pit stop for food at Big John’s on the way out of
Birmingham.   That rounded off the evening nicely…

As the meeting itself came around the weather was looking promising and with a fair number of cars booked in it was set to be a good night.  The car flew in practice so that made the Wednesday night practice worthwhile.   I managed to finish all three races with 4th and 5th in the heats and 6th in the final.   Maybe I didn’t create any miracles or get the whole world talking but it was three top ten results and a good haul of points to go with it.   After the meeting it was a rush to get everything away and get back to Big John’s to eat.   I’m sure this is the reason my Dad likes going to Birmingham - with the car and racing second on his priority list!

I knew I’d climb up the points chart after that meeting but I didn’t realise I’d be fourth.  It was a great feeling even if it was only for a few days!   What a shame it’s not July but never mind!   Luckily I escaped any damage so it was just the routine bits to do.  When you only have a week between meetings it all seems a mad rush, and after a breakdown with one of the work vans on the way home on Friday, we were still rushing around trying to get the car loaded up on Saturday morning before going to work.

On the drive up to
Ipswich the weather looked as if it would be kind to us again, and sure enough it held out and made for a fast and furious night of racing.   Now, like most drivers from that particular meeting, I could probably fill a book with moans.  As much as I love Ipswich I will say that it’s the worst night of racing I’ve ever been to in my years racing Nationals.  It seemed as if everyone left their brains at home and thought they were driving National Bangers.

I was incredibly lucky and managed to escape the chaos pretty much unscathed.  The car has a good few battle scars and the bumper could really do with replacing but besides that I got off very lightly compared to a lot of other drivers.   I was also starting further back on the grid and all I’m going to say is “Fair play to the boys who start at the back week in week out and make their way forwards.”  I can assure you it’s not as easy as it looks.  Besides all the chaos happening around me I managed to finish every race with points picking up 15th in the first race, 9th in the second and 10th in the final.  Not an outstanding night, but a brilliant one considering the car drove off the track in one piece - unlike so many others.

Obviously I’ll have slipped in the points a little but I’m hoping to still be in the top ten.   It’s
Northampton this Saturday then a much needed couple of weekends off.   I’m already well underway getting the car ready and hopefully everyone will have calmed down a little and wound their necks in by Saturday.

I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Thanks as ever for reading.

Until next time.


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