Sunday, October 14, 2012

A long way forward

With the way the averages are now being worked out I knew I’d be starting near the back at Northampton, but it was a bit of a shock starting right on the back row with Gavin and Chris.

Once again the weather was kind and the car was brilliant in practice.  It always seems to fly at Northampton these days and even after a few laps I was happy with how everything was going.  Back in the pits with my car all ready to go Jason and Chris offered me a few laps in the #174 machine, so with a look of pure worry on Dad’s face I strapped myself in and headed back out.  It was good to try something different and compare it to my own car.  As it wasn’t mine I took it steady and didn’t do anything silly!  It was obviously my lucky touch though that led Jason to win two races later in the day!

Starting from where I did I knew I wouldn’t create any miracles but I managed to finish 14th in both heats and 15th in the final.  I enjoyed starting at the back as it created an entirely different challenge.  Every car I overtook was a huge achievement in itself and I can’t believe how tired I felt when I got back into the pits.  I also learnt some valuable lessons:  firstly, just how fast Chris Haird really is.  Starting last position on the grid, week in week out, and getting the results he does, is pretty amazing.  Secondly, just how hard it actually is starting at the back.  When you line up for the final and see all the other cars in front you realise just how much work you need to do.  And finally, you see just how little respect drivers give each other.  You see all that is happening in front and the total lack of respect people have.  The same applies when trying to overtake.  The amount of people who run you into the wall or cut your nose off lap after lap makes it a miracle the top boys actually finish any races at all!

Maybe it wasn’t the best night results-wise but I came away with no damage and learnt a great deal from the evening.  My top five position in the points chart will be long gone but I think I should still just about be in the top twenty which is good.  We have a month off now, so a bit of time to catch up on some overdue jobs.  It’s been a great few weeks but racing every weekend can get a bit hectic.

As you read this I’m away on a fishing trip to France, so you won’t hear from me next week.  It’s going to be a complete contrast to my usual crazy lifestyle and I can‘t wait for a bit of peace and quiet!

Thanks as ever for reading.

Until next time.


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