Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Party Season

It’s fair to say the last few weeks have seen some pretty intense partying and since the last time you heard from me I’ve had some of my best nights out in a long time.  After a quiet and relaxing Christmas at home I headed up to Scotland to see the New Year in.   I was there for eight nights and I think we went out for five of them - and the only thing slowing down the other three was the fact that I went down with man flu.  This mixed with a horrendous hangover made me a very sorry state for a couple of days.

The ‘big party’ on New Year’s Eve was absolutely brilliant and a really great way to see in the New Year.   Most of my friends were there and everyone had a great time.  It was well after
6am when we finally threw in the towel and decided to go to bed!  No one is safe though as my camera was doing the rounds all night and I’m sure out of the hundreds of photos taken, a lot of them will find a way of getting onto Facebook!

I could fill pages about all the various antics that happen while I’m in
Scotland but it’s worth mentioning two legendary go-karting trips.  From experience I have decided that go-kart staff across the country feel their hearts sink when people walk in with their own helmets.  I’m sure both these times were no exception and the chaos that ensued on both occasions no doubt proved me right.  I think that everyone ended up in the wall at some point and it was a real laugh, even if everyone was a bit sore the next morning!

After the madness of
Scotland it was home and back to normality for a couple of days before the N.E.C. was upon us once again.  It’s the first year for a long time that I haven’t had the car up there and I regretted not being there racing when I sat and watched the live action from the stands.   It’s such a good spectacle to watch and they turn it into a great show.    I can honestly say that from the minute I picked Siobhan up from the airport to the minute I went home the whole weekend was total mayhem.

We were staying in a hotel on
Broad Street, right in the middle of Birmingham where all the pubs and clubs are situated.   Glenn, Adam Maxwell and a lot of the other notorious ‘Northern Irish party animals’ were staying there too.  The next two nights were brilliant even if there were too many Jaeger Bombs - thanks Adam!   How we didn’t get thrown out of the hotel I have no idea and I really do feel sorry for anyone else that was staying there for the weekend.  There are many tales to be told about the weekend but most of them are not suitable to put in print.  However, I hope Raymond really enjoyed his birthday and his Champagne!

Although the show itself wasn’t as good as it has been in previous years, it was a brilliant weekend - great to see everyone, and I’m sorry I doubted you when you said it would be amazing, Siobhan!  I made some great new friends and confirmed just how mad some of my old ones are!

Back in the real world and things are coming along nicely here too, the car is back from SHP, the engine is bolted in place, the chassis is painted and all the panels are away being painted as I type.   Everything else is in hand too and hopefully it will all be looking a lot more complete by the end of the week.  Jay has started to design this year’s stickers already and the car is booked in to go to Simpson’s at the start of the month for a new exhaust.   Once this is all on and fitted I’ll include some photos so you can see what it’s all about.

We’re picking up the new lorry this coming weekend and we have John and Robert coming the following one to do a car swap, as long as Robert and Lauren’s baby doesn’t make an early appearance!   We have plenty left to do here as well and with time ticking away it’s not going to be long until we’re back out racing.

I have a few of my racing calendars left here if any one would like one - get in touch and I will sort that out for you.

I just want to say thanks to all my friends for the last few weeks - they have been brilliant and I can’t wait to see you all again soon.

Thanks as ever for reading.

Until next time


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