Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Winter Plan

We don’t waste any time here and the car is now in a million pieces scattered around the workshop.  The panels are off, the engine and transmission out, along with any other bits that come undone.  What we are basically left with is a mass of bars, some shock absorbers, a set of brakes and some wheels!

It’s amazing how dirty the spaceframe gets.   It’s only a few meetings since it was jet washed clean but everything is caked up in dirt again.  This, mixed with all the oil from the engine hanging on to everything, has left it looking a bit of a state, so the next job is to put my wellies on, get the jet wash out and give it a bit of a clean down.

All things considered the car was still relatively tidy come the end of the year and although it had the expected scrapes and scratches there were no completely knackered panels.   We have some new ones for next year so they can be painted and put on to make it tidy again.  The chassis is going off to SHP shortly for a few little adjustments - but more on that in the coming weeks.

I seem to have collected a pile of bent wheels so I’m going to have a session of rebuilding them at some point.   I’m also going to have to strip my beloved Compomotives and rebuild them, as the brake dust has got into them and turned them from white to a horrible off-grey.

As well as the car we have a few things to finish off on the lorry before it’s sold, and then a few little bits to do to the new one as well.   The trailer we have been using is also for sale.   We had it brand new just over two years ago and if anyone is interested please get in touch with me.

One of my long standing sponsors Allfloors are coming in next week and laying a new floor in the workshop, so Dad and I have the epic task of moving everything out of there before they arrive.  Although it’s all quite well organised there is still a lot of stuff to move - and some of it is going to be heavy and equally awkward!  It will certainly be worth it in the end though, and I can’t wait to see the finished job.

There is plenty more happening over the coming weeks too so I’m sure I won’t be short of things to write about.   Robert McDonald is heading down next weekend and I am heading up to John’s for New Year.   We’re in the stages of planning my birthday night out and then of course there’s the NEC in January!  I won’t be racing there this year, firstly because I don’t want to risk damaging the car like Jason’s terrible luck last year and secondly, with everything else that’s going on the car won’t be ready in time.

There should be some new updates to my website (link above) in the coming months along with the launch of a few bits of merchandise.  Next year’s calendar has been designed and ready to be printed so let me know if you’d like one. Thanks as always to TPR signs for keeping the website up to date and putting up with me and all my silly ideas and then turning them in to something great.

Thanks as ever for reading.

Until next time.


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