Monday, December 17, 2012

A new floor and a nice surprise

Once again lots has happened since you last heard from me, and what is meant to be the quietest time of the year has in fact turned into one of the busiest.   As far as the car itself is concerned there’s not really much to report at the moment - but there certainly will be over the coming weeks.  It is however, race related things and work that has kept us on our toes recently.

It was all arranged that last Saturday Robert McDonald came down for the weekend with his car so that I could drop it off at SHP when I collect mine.  Again, more on that in the coming weeks too, but I can’t begin to tell you how shocked I was to return home from work to find Robert, John and Gareth sat around my kitchen table.   After an afternoon of moving things around - unloading Hot Rods and starting the epic clear out of the workshop - it was into town for a meal and a few drinks.  We had a great night and it was a fantastic surprise - seemingly everyone knew about it apart from me!  It was just like being out with them in
Scotland - the only difference was it was a twenty minute trip home, not six hours!

The next morning after breakfast they set off on their long journey home, and Dad and I got stuck in and started clearing out the workshop.  My long-standing sponsor Allfloors of Oxfordshire very kindly offered to lay a new floor, and in order to do it they needed everything moved out.  Now at the time it seemed like a pretty straightforward task, but as we got into it we started to realise just how much stuff is in there, and how heavy some of it is.  Eventually, with the front workshop and a van we brought home from work crammed full, it was ready for the work to begin.  Two days later when I walked in and saw it finished, all that effort was worthwhile.   It looks amazing with a blue and silver checker board pattern all over it.   It’s perfectly level now too, rather than having a raised piece in the centre where the car sits.  It really is a credit to Allfloors and I can’t thank them enough.

With the flooring finished it was time to start putting everything away again.  It was a similar job to before but with the added challenge of doing it without damaging the tiles.  A couple of evenings of moving and sorting out got it all back in place though and has left us with all sorts of forgotten treasure destined to go on eBay!  I love having the workshop at home because it makes working on the car so easy, and now it’s finished and as I want it, I’m really pleased.    The big challenge now will be getting Dad to keep it tidy!

There isn’t really much to report at the minute about the car itself.   We finished taking the panels off and took the chassis to work and gave it a jet wash off to tidy it all up and make it a bit nicer to work on.   The new panels are here now too, and will hopefully go and be painted this week so I can have them back before Christmas.

One bit of good news recently is the European Championship at Lochgelly in April.   I have absolutely no desire to get involved with the politics of it all - I am simply looking forward to going and spending the weekend with my friends and having the chance to race whilst I’m doing it.   I don’t need much of an excuse to go to
Scotland at the best of times but this seems like the perfect reason to go and take advantage of Mr Sibbald’s generous hospitality once again.   It is also good to see Mendips on the fixture list for next year, and I’m looking forward to going and trying out a new track.  It’s a shame there’s no Skegness though!

My plan for next year is to try and qualify for every major championship.   I don’t know how achievable it will be though, with money and our hectic work schedule being the ultimate deciding factors, but you’re only young once and I would love to make the best of it whilst I have the opportunity.

I have plenty to do between now and Christmas and I will be back next week and have a look back over a few things from this year.

Thanks as ever for reading.

Until next time


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